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Unhinged Magazine Born Four Years Post Mature

It looks just like you!

Some projects have short gestation periods, mere months. Some take for-freakin-ever. Unhinged Magazine is one of those super slow beasts. It took over four years from concept to execution.

Initially planned for a 2009 launch, here we are launching in 2013 after an economic collapse, a job loss, a divorce, an international move, learning a new language, and four books (both his and hers). Finally we can have FUN which was the whole point to begin with. And because Unhinged Magazine is a community effort, we´d like to thank those patient souls who helped us along the way, and were friends even when we were being flaky, especially these amazing people:

Stacy Heap Vitallo
Susannah Burns
Theodore Hahn
Paulette Delcourt
Ann Imig
Heidi Liddle-Bhutt

I hope that all these good people forgive us our tardiness and will consider Unhinged Magazine a home for their various forms of lunacy forever.