Unhinged Magazine’s The Best of 2013

Note: The things that are on this list didn’t necessarily appear or happened in 2013, but rather, they were important, relevant or just plain fun for me in 2013.

Video Game of the Year: Sid Meier’s Civilization V


Civ VWarning: Playing more that 8 hours a day can cause
headaches, dizziness and job loss

This is a great game for strategists and history fans. Civilization V has the same premise as its predecessors: you are a historical leader of a famous civilization. You start in the year 4000 BC and you decide the course of history until the near future (about 2050 AD). Unlike other games of its type that focus only on war, Civilization V lets you manage a very complete and complex set of aspects: commerce, technology, expansion, trade, religion, espionage, diplomacy, production, population growth and happiness, ideology, and of course, war. It’s easy to start and it can get as complex as you want it to. Beware: it’s a bottomless time sinker.

Meme of the Year: Consequences Will Never Be the Same!


jessiAfter posting this, we will be back traced by the cyber police

A phrase uttered by an upset father on a video trying to stop cyberbullies from harassing his daughter. While the phrase was not as popular as other memes, it showed the consequences of not adapting to the information era. While the father had noble intentions, his use of a brawler’s intimidation attitude (no doubt extremely effective when he was young) was terribly inefficient to an online, anonymous audience and backfired. The case is more complex than it sounds, but it demonstrated that anyone can unintentionally become a meme overnight, especially if you don’t know how technology and the Internet works.

Video of the Year: News Reporter Draws Penis on Live TV


It’s the funniest video I saw this year. I know I’m supposed to write something here, but the title says it all. Enjoy:


Series of the Year: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic


This entry made this post 20% cooler

This is the series that launched the brony phenomenon, which is why it earned a place on my list. Unlike other kid’s shows that were successful among older fans, I think My Little Pony somehow managed to go beyond being a good show. I think it reversed a trend where cartoons were getting more and more violent and shocking. It also allowed millions of young men from all over the world to have an excuse to channel their creativity and express beauty and feelings, which they don’t normally get to do. On a more personal level, mingling with the bronies allowed me to see how teens see life today, what they like, what they value, what problems they have and how they tackle them. SPOILER: Teens still believe they have it all figured out but don’t have the slightest clue.

Website of the Year: Unhinged Magazine


Named #1 in a poll conducted by Unhinged team member

No, I’m not claiming that Unhinged Magazine is the best website there is. But to me, it was the most important website of this year. It was in 2013 that Unhinged Magazine was officially launched and I’m proud to be able to participate as a writer and be a part of the team. It was a joint effort, and if you’re reading this article, I hope that you continue to read us and that in the future, you’ll still be here reading  “The Best of 2014” list.

Have a 2014 full of blessings, good health, laughter, and most importantly, love.