An Artist’s Example: What to Do When You’re Bored on Board

Whenever you hear a child or teen whine about how bored they are, or perhaps you are feeling trapped in a situation with “nothing” to do, we hope you’ll take inspiration from artist Nina Katchadourian, creator of the “Seat Assignment” project. Ms. Katchadourian’s fertile mind can turn the most mundane situation, in this case being on a commercial airlines flight, into a time of great inventiveness and artistic expression.

Here is an example of someone who sees opportunities all around her, and potential material for artistic expression in any physical object, food, image or phenomena at hand. All it takes is a cell phone and a fresh way of looking at things. Here are some of Ms. Katchadourian’s works with links to more on her website.

7Athletics, including some sports we’ve never seen before.

15Landscapes so phenomenal they look edible.

1Creatures familiar, yet at the same time not.

IMG_4991-loresSelf-portraits in the Flemish style.

We hope you will enjoy exploring Nina Katchadourian’s website and we thank her for her permission to publish her work on Unhinged Magazine.