Which was said by the woman and which was said by the girl?

Here’s a little test for you. Some of these Facebook updates were made by a 30-year-old woman. Some of them were made by a 16-year-old girl. Can you tell which one is which?

1. I love me.

2. “I’m the one who is wrong. I’m the one who was rude.” – A real man.

3. I made a deal with myself. If he turned around, I would leave everything for him. But he never looked back and there was nothing that I could do.

4. It is not who waits for you, it’s who looks for you. It is not who makes promises to you, it’s who delivers on them. It is not who says he loves you, it’s who proves it to you.

5. I love that you get so exited when you see me, that you get so happy, that you hold me as if it were the first time you see me, to put my forehead against yours that you look into my eyes and that for you, nobody else exists… You are an example of pure love with no malice… (name of dog) you are a darling.

6. Someone better awaits for me. I know it.

7. The perfect boyfriend is the one that thinks you’re PERFECT, who misses you, and above all, MAKES YOU HAPPY, because he LOVES YOU, AND CHOOSES YOU every day.

8. You may be just one person in the world, but you can become the world of a person.

9. “I will never forget you,” those words broke my soul.

10. The smarter a woman is, the harder it is for her to find a man.

Here are the answers. Let’s see how many you got right.

30-year-old woman: 1, 4, 5, 7, 10.

16-year-old girl: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9.

We were all teenagers once, and it’s ok to think like one. However, at some point, we have to outgrow that phase. Anyway, I’ll cut it short this week because my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show is coming up.

So “Kowabunga” is not a rad word anymore?