More Ways to a Less Commercial Christmas

Last year I wrote an article about ways to make Christmas less commercial, and our audience liked it so much that I decided to write about more ways to put a little more magic and a little less marketing in this season. If you are looking for a way to show your love to your friends, family, or special one this Christmas that doesn’t involve buying stuff at a mall. This is the article for you.


People showing their Christmas love.

1.- Offer yourself as an assistant for one day.

Just what it sounds like. This gift is specially useful for young people without a job and without income, but with plenty of time during the holidays. However, it is also a good one for couples, and if correctly used, it can be fun for both of them. Of course, you may offer some limitations on what you’re willing to assist on.

In extreme cases, it may backfire.

In extreme cases, it may backfire.

2.- Give up something you do that another person hates.

If you live with another human being, chances are that there’s something you do (or don’t do) that get on the other person’s nerves. In fact, it may be more than one. As a Christmas present, you can offer the other person to change one of your habits at his or her choice. Of course, if there’s something you are not willing to change, then state it beforehand.

my funny computer room dirty

For example, the other person might ask you to clean your room more often than once a year.

3.-  Write an appreciation letter for another person.

This gift works great with living parents or your partner. It’s also a nice addition to a bought present, if you still want to give something.

Basically, it’s a letter where you tell a person specifically why you appreciate having them in your life. You can write thanking them for their support, love, or specific situations. If it’s for your parents, you can write about how grateful you are for all the things they provided to you, about how there was always food on your table, a roof over your head, and medicines when you were sick. It it’s your loved one, you can talk about the love you’ve gotten and all the small or big things that make that person important in your life.

Finally, whether you follow these suggestions or not, I and the rest of the staff at Unhinged Magazine (you know, my coworker) wish you a very, a Merry Christmas.


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