Sony Wins “Best Studio in a Comedy Farce” Oscar

In a victory that was almost assured since it’s nomination, Sony Pictures Studios won the coveted Oscar this year for Best Hollywood Studio in a Comedy Farce. Last year’s notorious email hack scandal against the studio put Sony Pictures in pole position for the big win. “We knew we had a good chance,” exulted Sony Pictures representative, José DuFassad, who accepted the award for the studio. “Especially since there were no other nominees challenging us.”


Some critics claim Sony somehow set it up.

“It’s just a great honor and a tremendous thrill to be bestowed with this acknowledgement by the academy,” a breathless DuFassad gushed. “I don’t think there’s really any question that we (Sony Pictures) were the biggest laughingstock of the entire industry this past year. We earned this.”

In response to grumblings by other studios that the victory was biased and unfair, the Motion Picture Academy made efforts to assure the hyper-competitive peer community that there will be more candidates in the future. “Every studio in Hollywood is almost guaranteed an opportunity to be nominated,” explained academy representative, Ravi Lau Singh. “Sony Pictures, while setting the bar extremely high, is certainly not alone in its capacity to entertain us with award-caliber hilarity.”

Somehow, everybody saw it coming.

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