I Am 20% Cooler

Yes, the rumors are true. I’m a brony. A fan of the My Little Pony TV show.

And I’m not alone. Worldwide, there are about 8 billion bronies. I know that number is accurate because I read it somewhere online.

But seriously, people are not surprised by the success of the show with its target demographic, but by the success of the show with male adults (for some reason, the show’s success with female adults isn’t as shocking).

But why it’s this show, aimed at young girls, so popular? Here are my guesses, based on my own experience and talks with other bronies.

1. It’s a great show.

I haven’t seen the last two seasons, but I really liked the episodes that I did watch. The dialog is good and original, the characters have great personalities, and most importantly, it’s entertaining for adults. It has jokes and references that only grown ups will get, some of them quite obscure for children. You can even watch the show without a child and enjoy it.


I doubt young girls are big fans of I love Lucy.

I doubt young girls are big fans of I love Lucy.

2. It offers a venue for creativity.

The universe, the type of characters, and the nature of the show allows people to express a great range of creativity. Here are some examples:


cosplay my little pony


my little pony art





My little pony fanfic

Role Playing:

my little pony role playing rpg

3. It allows boys and men to feel and express beautiful feelings.

In Western society, men are dissuaded from expressing beautiful feelings outside a romantic relationships. There  is a great social cost for them to do so, specially when they express them for other men. By declaring themselves bronies, they pay a social cost and are branded as somehow weird. However, once they have paid this social cost, they do not have to pay an extra social cost for expressing their feelings. This phenomenon doesn’t happen with other fandoms, probably because other franchises do not include the expression of feelings as part of their premise. And this is perhaps the success of My Little Pony and the predominance of bronies.

my little pony brony hug

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