New Words on Social Media

New Words You Wouldn’t Understand If You Didn’t Waste Time on Social Media

I recently managed to find a way to curb my addiction to Civilization and stop wasting time playing it. Now I waste as much time on social media. During this, shall we call, “experiment,” I have improved my vocabulary with a new lexicon. Here are ten new words that I have learned that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Note: With two exceptions, I got the meaning from these words from their context, so I might be wrong about them.

you keep using that word

This might apply to any of the words below.

1. Waifu. An female anime character that you find attractive and that you jokingly say are in love with. It comes from the Japanization of the word “wife”. It is almost always used for humor.

“Yumeno Onna can’t be your waifu. She’s MY waifu!”

Justin Death-Not; Anime/Video Topics; Facebook.

2. Based. A rational, calm person that uses well-crafted arguments and doesn’t resort to insults. The Internet being what it is, one would think it’s hard to find people like this. It is typically used as an adjective.

“I think based atheist streethole45 would have made a better debater against Kim Bacon.”

KillReligiousPeople21; William Nyet vs Kim Bacon; Youtube.

3. Shipping. Non-canonical romantic pairing of two characters in a series. It is typically used to express a disagreement with specific canon pairings or simply to express a strong preference.

“Now Twilight and Applejack, I’d totally ship them.”

Rarity Curse; My Little Pony, Shipping is Magic; FimFiction.

4. Wikiwalking. To spend much more time than expected online because you click on seemingly interesting links that take you to other articles or webpages that might be completely unrelated to what your initial starting point was.

“My boss is out of the office and I’m getting paid for wikiwalking, take that, you fat bastard!”

Mike Smith; Job Security; Linkedin.

5. Clickitivism. Ineffective show of support for good causes. It typically involves an extremely simple and irrelevant action, such as liking something on Facebook. Used mostly on a derogatory way.

“Stacy Pink’s videos is nothing but clickitivism for profit.”

Playergamer99; Stacy’s But it’s not fair! Part 4; Youtube.

6. Youtube Atheism. A type of atheism or a group of atheists that take delight in ridiculing religious people, often on youtube. Typically used in a derogatory way.

“Listen pal, we don’t want no youtube atheism here, ya hear?”

Conejita de Dios; Official God’s East-Burro Church Facebook Page; Facebook.

7. First world problem. A ridiculously trivial problem. From the idea that well-off people in first world countries have their basic needs fulfilled and they are spoiled to a point that only they would find such a problem important.

“She told me she was upset because she doesn’t know what to blog about this weekend. Talk about first world problems!”

Mahesh Sengupta. What does it mean when my gf says she’s hungry?; Quora.

8. Social Justice Warrior. A person that supports social justice in an ineffective, illogical, extreme, or hypocritical way.

“Of course he wants to ban the word ‘silly,’ he’s a social justice warrior.”

MGTNoWhere19; The Purple Pill; Reddit.

9. Dox. I had to research this one, since from context I understood it as a synonym of “hack,” as in to infiltrate a security system. It turns out it means revealing online the private information of a person. This is obviously illegal. It is often referred in it’s gerund form.

“If I send a photo in an Internet, can I get doxxed?”

Dorothy Bell; How to Protect myself?; Yahoo Answers.

10. Jabroni. I had to look this one up because I had no idea what it meant. It means a loser or a poser, specially one that is all words but no action.

“I’m not afraid of that Jabroni. At most, he will write a very, very stern blog post in tumblr.”

17catlover; Seinfield Skeletons; Tumblr.

Are there any new words that you have gotten from social media? Share them with us in the comments.


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