My Vid is Bad/Good

You might have noticed that there's a naked lady on the cover.

You might have noticed that there’s a naked lady on the cover. That’s not me.



It started with a book called Talking2Trees. I wrote this biographical book over many years, pulling stories from my past that all had a common theme: Something unlikely happened. I mean something very unlikely really happened.

I thought it might be interesting to record myself reading one of the stories, so I sat in front of the computer and did a pretty lame job of it. But did I stop there? Oh no. I figured that it might be 20% cooler if I used sound effects. I put an ad on Craigslist for a guy who could make good vocal sound effects and got one response: the guy at the beginning of the vid, so I hired him sight unseen.

I sort of wondered if I’d done the right thing when I opened the door and saw this wild man with a long beard, but I had him sit in front of the computer with a list of the sounds I might want, turned on the camera and left the room to let him do his thing. I didn’t even know what had been captured when he said he was done. When I heard, I was dumbfounded.



Yes, I let this man make weird sounds for my vid.

It turned out that Jaik Willis, the guy with the beard, is a popular musician with a fine arts music education, and a memorable sound and stage presence. He steals the show.

I needed someone to integrate the sounds and I found an Indian production company that looking to expand their market from their Bollywood specialization. Again, a total piece of luck. I think.


I might have been lacking something in the costuming and enthusiasm departments.

As flawed as my performance is, I still like the story. For better or worse, here’s my vid: Yet Another Great Party.

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