The World According to Anime

Some time ago, I wrote an article about how Hollywood thinks the Universe works. However, it seems that the fictional rules of the Universe work differently in the other side of the world. So today, I’m presenting to you, how the Universe works, according to anime.

1. Natural hair comes in every color of the rainbow.

anime hair color

Hair dye is either non-existent or ridiculously popular.

2. Every school has students that have the martial arts prowess of Bruce Lee, and at least half of them are women.

high school martial arts

They can take it as well as they can dish it out.

3. The most popular sight in Japan isn’t the cherry trees, but girl’s panties.

anime panties

Typical female school students

4. Every school has an insanely powerful school board.

anime student counsil

Arranging extracurricular clubs, assigning dorm rooms, and taking over the world…

5. The typical romantic male lead isn’t strong, intelligent, rich, handsome, decisive or talented. In fact, he’s indecisive, shy, clumsy, and unlucky.

The male lead is on the far left

The male lead is on the far left.

6. Every group of friends has a genius that spends his or her time designing fighting robots.

mecha_club anime

Mecha-building students are so common they have their own club.

7. Most heroes reach their peak at the ripe age of 14.

anime hero children

A tale of robots, aliens, and discovering razors and tampons…

8. Female breasts are affected by a special type of gravity that’s only half as strong as the normal one. And each boobs has its own gravity which is not in sync with the other one.

anime jiggle physics

Explain this, Newton!

9. In anime, Americans always wear cowboy hats, cheerleader outfits, wrestler panties, or stars and stripes. They are also blond, tall, and loud and typically carry guns and hamburgers.

americans in anime

Guess which character is the American.

10. Tokyo is destroyed on a weekly basis, but it somehow manages to rebuild itself just in time for the next disaster.

Tokyo destroyed

Totally destroyed, yet, people don’t move away.

There are many other rules in anime, but these are the first ones that come into mind. If you have any others to add, please tell us about them in the comments.

When not busy mixing his whites with colors, Flippy works as a writer, translator, and language teacher. In his free time, he plays video games, takes photos, and writes funny stuff. You can find his role playing book for parents and bronies, Tiny Horsies, the RPG, published by Relentlessly Creative Books on

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