Yeah, Ampersand

The ampersand, one of my favorite symbols, I must say, ending in the same word it symbolizes.

And it’s exciting, starting off with an amp … plus I know whenever I see it being used there’s going to be more.

For instance, Proctor, by itself is just a supervisor and Gamble, by itself, makes you think of an uncertain outcome but add our little friend, the &, and these two words become something very clean. See the power of the ampersand.

Golden 3D ampersand symbol with clipping path - isolated on black background

David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch knew about sporting goods, hunting rifles and the like so they opened a store which wallowed in Manhattan for years until they dropped the “and” then added our friend the “&”. Then they took off like a mofo. Consider this, ladies, if it weren’t for the ampersand you would’ve missed out on all those shirtless models and the Jersey Shore guys wearing the A & F clothes. Okay, sorry, I agree… we didn’t need that.

You should have fun with the ampersand when you can. I know I do. When my wife, the “O”, and I want to teamwork it we announce we’re going in as “S & O” code name: SOSO. That’s our team name in trivia. But when we want to get kinky I just lay out a belt in this shape:


That’s a signal there’s going to be more than one activity happening in the bedroom. And if there’s a question of whether my heart can take it, my wife will pull out the old stethoscope and shape it like this:

You can use the ampersand as a code for anything. For instance, say you’re hosting a beer party for your buddies and you want to signify not just one beer. Like this means one beer… and another… and another … and another:

Ampersand sign from beer can tops isolated on white

So you guys should be like me and pledge your allegiance to the ampersand because it’s cool & sexy & curvy & can stand on its own & joins together two things that want to be joined together & always looks like it is getting ready to smoke & usually has the number 8 in it & has a big butt. What’s not to like? You might even like it this much:


Norman, Oklahoma comedian and author, Stan Silliman, wrote eight cartoon humor books including “The News in Double Dactyls” awarded the Best Book of Poetry 2002 by Oklahoma Federation of Writers. He was named “Oklahoma City’s Funniest Person” in 2014 Stan wrote over 1400 jokes to win the on-line “Kwipster” contest in 2011 for topical joke writing. Check out his website: Silliman on Sports – a new sports and humor column.

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