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I bought the 2000X-16B catapult about a month ago after seeing it on a page about contraptions used to catch roadrunners. I must say that I was very disappointed with my purchase and I decided to return it. I hope your X-23 Rocket Dispatcher which I bought with the refund will perform better, but I digress.

I’ll mark each category with a number of stars with 5 being the best and 1 the worst.

Price ***** For the price you’re paying, you are getting a huge item. I was impressed when I saw the box. The parts were not only big, but heavy, sturdy and resistant.

Quality***** The catapult and their parts are made with materials of excellent quality. They received a lot of punishment, just like my bones, and they still retained their elasticity. Even when I loaded the catapult with giant 500 kgs boulders, the catapult didn’t break.

Delivery ***** Delivery was ridiculously fast. It took barely a few seconds for the catapult to arrive after I placed my order and put it in my mailbox. The catapult arrived even before the mailman did! Talk about fast service!

Assembly ** I’m afraid this is where the stars start (get it?) to go down. The catapult came with a complex blueprint and no tools. I’m a super genius with tons of experience assembling traps and contraptions and it still took me a good part of the day to get it in one piece.

Functionality * Despite the other good points that I’ve already mentioned, this is what makes the 2000X-16B an item to avoid. It is absolutely unreliable and rarely works in the way it’s intended. The first time I used it, the boulder wasn’t ejected as intended, but it just slid off and fell ON ME! I then stood in front of the catapult and the boulder didn’t fly off, but sprang forward ON ME! Next I stood out of it’s way, but this time it was the FREAKIN’ CATAPULT that flipped over and guess who it fell on. Still giving Acme a chance, I triggered the catapult from the side and this time, the boulder did fly… upwards… and then fell on ON ME! Seeing that standing beside it wasn’t safe, I tried activating the catapult from underneath, which caused it to collapse, crushing me. I finally tried from a manhole, but the thing got stuck. I was trying to unblock it but then it shot the boulder, with me on it, making me go through the tip of a mountain and trusting me against some power lines which sprang me back to the catapult which smashed me on the ground AND then dropped the boulder ON ME!

I would have returned this sooner but I was in the hospital. Definitely stay away from this.

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