You’ve Been on Social Media Too Much When…

Are you addicted to Facebook or Twitter? Or is it something you can control?

Many people lose control after that first post. Some accept it, some are in denial. Which one are you? See if you show any of the following traits and find out:

1.- You read an email, you like it, and you want to up vote it.

2.- You stop being friends in someone in real life for something they posted.

It’s been three months and he still hasn’t noticed.

3.- You post about something that upset you saying that you don’t care.

4.- When you take a photo or video, you immediately post it on social media.


Only the best equipment will do for your food photos.

5.- You post about how you and your two friends are having a great time at a certain place, when the only two people that would care about such a post are already with you.

6.- You use social media to vent your grievances from your boss/mom/pimp.


“Wait until I go to the bathroom with my phone. That’ll teach her!”

7.- You stay up much later than you should because someone is wrong on the Internet.

8.- You get offended by a joke on social media.

cry baby

“Someone make a joke about how I’m a crybaby”

9.- You can’t wait to go home and post shit about someone who crossed you that day because “that’ll teach them.”

10.- Not only you post photos of the soccer games your ridiculously average children, you also post photos of your cat and her birthday cake.

cat birthday

Someone is compensating for something.

Extra: You believe Facebook likes actually help people.

facebook likes

Actual depiction of delivery of Facebook likes to people in need.

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