Lately, there have been many old words that have been updated with the word “man” in them. But unlike names of superheroes, the word “man” goes at the beginning of the word, not at the end. Maybe it’s because they’re meant to portray something evil or at least slightly annoying.

Batman mansplains manspreading to Superman

The list of new words with the prefix man- is pretty long, including terms like mansplaining, manslamming, and manspreading. However, why stop there? Here are more words that the word needs.

a) Manreaching

When a tall man grabs something you need from a high shelf  for you because you’re too short to get it yourself.

b) Manime

Anime created for and marketed towards men, typically young men.

Guess what the target demographic is.

c) Manbabysitting

This word means when a father takes care of the baby in a non-orthodox way.

d) Manbunding

The archaic art of bonding with other men by watching the game with other men while having one hand inside their pants.

Named after The Bundy himself.

e) Manpeeing

Peeing while standing and other peeing-related items you really don’t want me to spell out here.

Manpeeing is typically a requirement before manbunding.

f) Mansturbating

I’m not going to explain this one. You know perfectly well what this one means.

No way I’m posting a pic of that. Have a cute puppy instead.

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