The Era of Clickitivism

Have you ever wanted to fight the system? Be part of the revolution that makes real change possible? Transform the world into a better place?

We all do, don’t we? However, that kind of change usually involves hard work, money, and, most importantly, risk. Who has time to challenge the man when there’s a mortgage to pay and the last season of Game of Thrones is coming?

But now you can be the next Che Guevara or the modern Gandhi without leaving the comfort of your house. Thanks to technology, you can now practice the most convenient, no-risk, gluten-free form of activism: Clickitivism.

It doesn’t even involve standing up!

No more anxiety over deciding whether to use your hard-earned money to feed people left homeless in a natural disaster or to buy that “Best Parent” mug. No more struggling between risking a night at your local jail or going to the parents-teachers meeting to hear how Johnny not looking up his phone in class. Just follow these easy steps and make the world a better place while watching cats on YouTube:

1. Create an account in one or two social networks.

The real revolution is not fought in the streets anymore. To be the latest people’s leader, you just have to have at least two accounts in some social network apps or sites. You know the kind, the ones that allow you to have likes or favs or upvotes or some way to count how much woke you are.

Facebook and Tumblr are great ones because they have communities that believe whatever it is that you believe, but the best one is Twitter. With Twitter, you don’t have to write more than 140 characters when taking down the system. How convenient is that?

When you get enough Facebook likes, they are gathered and sent to the people that need them.

2. You gotta share, you gotta care.

You can always post something inspirational about your favorite cause. But if that’s too much work (because, let’s face it, creativity and originality require some thought and talent), you can always share the words, videos of images that someone that agrees with you has posted.

In fact, it’s better to share something already posted than to create something new. First of all, the already created post already has proven to be liked. You don’t want to take the trouble of coming up with two or three lines of text and then find out that nobody likes it. But also, sharing increases the number of likes that something already has, instead of starting from zero. Win-win for justice!

It feels good too.

3. Raise awareness.

One thing you have to take into account when fighting the good fight is that you should not have easily identifiable, objective goals. On the contrary, you goal should be to “raise awareness” about whatever issue you care about.

Awarness comes from aware, which in turn comes from Ancient Germanic “waro” which means “guilting or shaming people on the Internet into agreeing with you.” Unlike other goals, raising awareness doesn’t have an end and you can champion in during your free time for as long as you want.

Of course, haters gonna hate.

4. Make Post about X that Breaks Y Paradigm.

Whatever it is that you’re against, it probably has some rules, images, or some other feature that makes it easy to identify, right? Just take one or more of those elements, depict it in a way that’s opposite or insulting or ridiculing of what they usually mean, and voilà, you have somehow destroyed the establishment!

If you’re too lazy to create an actual image, just make a two lines text post. Or yet again, share something. Just remember to say something like “this post breaks X stereotypes once and for all.”

And then nobody questioned thin people and cake ever again.

5. Block anyone who disagrees with you.

Finally, make sure that only people that already agree with you can see your posts. So, block or at least mute those who think differently than you do. It might not be very effective at changing minds, but it certainly makes your posts risk-free and more likely to be liked, faved, or upvoted. In the end, the number of those that you get is really what indicates how much change in the world you’re causing.

Plus, you get to call them names.

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