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Everyday Questions Cathy Newman Style

By now, everybody is familiar with the interview of Jordan Peterson that Cathy Newman conducted on Channel 4, which wasn’t exactly a display of unbiased and objective journalism.

Most people are condemning the network and Cathy Newman for this interview. I don’t think that’s what we should be doing. On the contrary, I think that we should ALL have the privilege of asking such questions in everyday situations without being called out.

At work

Boss: I want this report done by tomorrow.

You: So, you’re saying that I can go home right now and take the day off.

Boss: No, I need you to attend the meeting later today.

You: So you’re basically saying that I can do whatever I want before the meeting starts?

Boss: Are you out of your mind?

You: So, you’re basically saying that you have always doubted my mental capabilities because I’m a woman? Well, let’s see what human resources thinks about this.

When Dating

He: You look gorgeous today.

You: So, you’re basically saying that I usually look hideous?

He: No, no. I just wanted to give you a compliment.

You: So, you’re saying that you believe I’m insecure about my looks

He: What? No! I just wanted to be nice.

You: So, you’re basically saying that you’re usually a horrible person and that you’re trying to disguise it while you date so you can lure me into a false sense of security. I’m sorry but I’m not falling for that. I’m going home. You can pay for my consumption and apologize now.


At the Restaurant

Waitress: Hi, my name is Mary and I’ll be your waitress tonight. We recommend the special today.

You: So, you’re saying that I don’t have the capacity to order and that I should just be ok with that.

Waitress: What? No, I was trying to be welcoming.

You: So, you’re saying that you are not a welcoming person and that you try to pass for something you’re not.

Waitress: I… I never said such a thing. I just wanted to offer you our special: the lobster.

You: So you’re saying that we should organize our society along the lines of the lobsters.

Yes, it sounds obnoxious in other situations, but then again, we all feel like being asses once in a while.

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