Haiku of the Day: 84 Dec27

Haiku of the Day: 84

The year is ending, a new cycle will begin. New hopes and new dreams.

Haiku of the Day: 17 Sep24

Haiku of the Day: 17

Your heart is broken, And all your dreams are shattered, Yet your life goes on.  

The Dreams of Plant Life Aug15

The Dreams of Plant ...

We dream of gentle rain drops and soft horsie nibbles. We dream of sweet wet glops of cow manure, of earthworms and ant hills. And sometimes we sometimes we dream of the terrible, horrible, insanely cruel...

Dreams on a Budget Jul03

Dreams on a Budget

With the economy in shambles (or soon to be recovered, depending on who you ask) it’s not a surprise that we have started to cut things back in order to make ends meet at the end of the month (my ends actually met last month, and they really didn’t like each other). For example, Mitt Romney...