Love Stinks Sep13

Love Stinks

Love stinks. It smells like pee. At least it did that summer evening when my friend was riding the subway under the streets of Mexico City where nearly twenty-nine million people scurried overhead. He’d been alone in his seat for some time when a wall-eyed young man, as torn and disordered as yesterday’s newspaper, wandered down the aisle. They glanced at each other and my offered the apparently homeless man a smile. That was invitation enough. The raggedy man swung into the seat next to my friend and began an animated conversation in a language so garbled that not a word could be understood. It was obvious he had a disability and perhaps...

Phrases to Run Away From May24

Phrases to Run Away From

Do you have trouble finding that special someone in your life? Is it difficult for you to get involved with people of the opposite sex? Do you have problems starting or keeping a relationship? One possibility is that you’re doing everything right but saying the wrong things. As usual, we at Unhinged Magazine are here to save the day. We sent our Sociology Team to do some in-situ research and find out what the phrases that turn men and women away are. If you’re having trouble not being single, you may want to check if you’re saying one of these phrases. Top 10 Phrases that turn women off: 10. What’s that on your face?...

Haiku of the Day: 69 Dec05

Haiku of the Day: 69

There’s no greater love, than a mother’s for her child. It’s the gift of life.  

Haiku of the Day: 58 Nov20

Haiku of the Day: 58

Does love really hurt? Or is it our selfishness, and our stubbornness?

Haiku of the Day: 49 Nov07

Haiku of the Day: 49

My haikus are made, with love, passion, wit, style, class, and Merriam-Webster.